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Memorandum Regarding Child Support

As most domestic relations practitioners are aware, the legislature has made significant changes to several statutes affecting domestic relations practice.

The most sweeping changes affect the child support statutes, including procedure, computation of guideline support, and language used in the orders. There is no longer a guideline calculation in the ORC; Jobs and Family Services has been tasked with implementing the guidelines. At the time of this writing, guideline worksheets are available on the ODJFS website; however, the calculator is not in service.

If you did not attend any of the seminars put on by the Domestic Relations Committee for the Butler County Bar Association, the CSEA, or OSBA, you are strongly urged to attend a seminar or training. The staff at the Domestic Relations Division has worked diligently to bring our mandatory
language in line with current statutes.

Appendices A (child support language) C (health insurance language) and C15 – Mandatory Language Form will now be replaced with a comprehensive Appendix 1 – Child Support and Health Insurance Language, attached. Ex parte orders will use Appendix 1(a) Child Support and Health Insurance Language for EX PARTE ORDERS ONLY.

Please review and update your pleadings accordingly.

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