E-Submission Live & Mandatory for Attorneys. Also, Attorneys may submit Objection to Decision of Magistrate  and DR21-A Notice of Request for Remote Appearance via E-Submission.  See News below.

What issues are resolved by the Domestic Relations Court?

Termination of Marriage

Spouses in Ohio that want to terminate their marriage can do so by filing a dissolution or a divorce.  If you and your spouse are able to agree to all the terms necessary to terminate your marriage, sign all required documents and attend a final hearing, then you can file for a Dissolution.   However, if you and your spouse are unable to initially agree on all terms necessary to terminate your marriage, then you must file for Divorce.  

Children Custody/Support

If you are married, living separately, and want custody orders and/or Child Support for the minor child(ren) in common with your spouse, then you can file a custody/support orders.  

Domestic /Dating Violence

Cases involving issues of domestic violence as defined by Ohio Law between parties with familial relationship or dating relationship as defined by Ohio law are addressed by the Domestic Relations Court.

The forms required for a filing can be found at Ohio Supreme Court and in our Forms.  The forms from the Ohio Supreme Court may require additional information pursuant to Local Rules

Court staff is available to answer questions concerning local court procedures and most general questions pertaining to your individual case. You can submit questions to the Court on our Contact Us page.  COURT STAFF IS PROHIBITED BY LAW FROM GIVING LEGAL ADVICE AND/OR ADVISING PARTIES ON WHAT TO FILE.  If you have any questions about the law, or your legal rights, please contact an attorney or the Butler County Bar Association at (513) 896-6671 for attorney referral information.