Transcript Information

How do I request a transcript of my Court hearing?

Requests for transcripts of hearings are submitted in writing to the Administration Office of the Court at  The Court approved Transcript Request form may be found here.  It contains all required information for transcripts to be prepared.  No transcript will be prepared without the submission of a completed Transcript Request form. Please provide a frequently checked e-mail address with your request; the Court will primarily use e-mail to communicate the progress of the submitted request.

There are two methods by which the Court will process transcript requests.  A request may be assigned to an in-house Court staff member or to a dedicated outside service agency.    The Court will determine which method will be selected based upon current transcript workload.

Method One:  In-house Transcript Preparation.  The Administration Office will accept a completed Transcript Request form from the requesting party and provide an estimated cost for the transcript.  A deposit of one half of the estimated cost must be paid to the Clerk of Courts.  Once the deposit is paid and the requesting party has provided the Transcript Coordinator with proof of deposit, the transcript will be prepared.  Once the transcript is completed, the Transcript Coordinator will inform the requesting party and inform them of any unpaid balance owed on the transcript.  The unpaid balance must be paid to the Clerk of Courts and proof of payment provided to the Transcript Coordinator prior to the transcript being released.  Parties are encouraged to make their transcript requests and pay their deposits in a timely manner to avoid being charged an expedited rate for the transcript. 

Method Two:  Outside Service Agency Transcript Preparation.  The Administration Office will accept a completed Transcript Request form from the requesting party. The Court will inform the requesting party that an outside service agency has been assigned to prepare the request and the agency will require an advance deposit of 100% of the estimated cost.  The agency will contact the party to establish the estimated cost and make financial arrangements. The cost must be paid to the service agency before the transcript will be prepared.   

How much does a transcript or CD cost?

            Original Transcript-$4.00 per page

            Expedited Transcript-$7.00 per page

            Copy of Transcript-$0.05 per page

            Copy of exhibits-$0.05 per page

            CD of audio recording-No charge 

How long does it take to get a transcript?

There are a variety of factors that determine the turn-around time on a transcript.  If there is another hearing scheduled, such as an objection hearing, our goal is to complete the transcript at least one week before the hearing date.  The average turn-around time for a transcript between 1 and 50 pages is two to three weeks. 

Do I have to pick up and make the final payment for my transcript myself, or can someone else do this for me?

The requesting party should pick up and pay for a transcript due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within.  However, the requesting party may make arrangements with the Administration Office to designate a specific individual in his/her place.  Any individual may be asked to present photo identification prior to the release of the transcript from the Court.

What is the difference between a transcript of the hearing and a CD of the hearing?

A transcript is a typed document where you can read everything that was recorded during the hearing.  A CD is only the audio recording of the proceeding.  The CD can only be played in a computer. 

I received a CD and there’s nothing on the CD.  Can I get another one?

The CD is not blank.  It must be played through a computer.  You can’t play the CD in a car CD player or any other CD player.  The CD is four tracks and, therefore, must be played through a computer.  Use the “F” drive or the DVD-Ram drive on the computer.