E-Submission Live & Mandatory for Attorneys. Also, Attorneys may submit Objection to Decision of Magistrate  and DR21-A Notice of Request for Remote Appearance via E-Submission.  See News below.

Judges & Magistrates

To ensure fairness and equal treatment, Judges and Magistrates are not allowed by their ethics rules to communicate with any party outside of a hearing. If you want to tell the judge anything about your case, you should not call or write directly to the judge.  Your question or concern may be addressed on our Questions & Resources page. Below are our Judges and Magistrates currently serving the Butler County Domestic Relations Court. 

Who might be hearing my case?
Judge Barbara Schneider Carter
Judge Margot Halcomb
Magistrate Kelli Rice
Magistrate David Kirschsieper
Magistrate Jennifer Coatney
Magistrate Mark DeYoung
Magistrate Seth Cantwell